Apple TV update! (Minor and about time)

If you are an Apple TV person, there was an update recently that while being a minor one, is kinda a big deal. The update brought access to apps like PBS Kids and Willow (a subscription cricket app) plus those, it brought in a bit of a doozie. The recent update finally brought iTunes Extra to the TV where it was once a computer only feature.


Bringing to (most of your recent) iTunes movies purchases is all those things you lost when you stopped buying physical media. Once again you can watch the out takes, special features, and deleted scenes. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but if you are like me, this is a big deal and was one of the biggest compromises when I moved from disc to data.


The experience is a little different from the iTunes Extra you would use on the computer, but non-the-less I think they did a good job making it accessible on the Apple TV platform.

The best news is that with this update Apple has proven that they have not forgotten their little “hobby,” which gives me hope for the future.

Review: The Tinc (Orange) Fountain Pen

Around the UK there is a nifty little shop called Tinc, and what you will find in these stores is an amazing assortment of colourful stationary and gadgets. Being me, of course, I wandered into my local Tinc and pursued the technicoloured and imaginative merchandise and saw something that caught my eye. Tinc had fountain pens. After talking to the good people at Tinc, they have agreed to let me take one of their fountain pens out for a drive.


The New Orange Tinc Fountain Pen

Just a couple things to start off with first. Tinc is known for it’s “tribe” of colours. Blue, pink, green, black, and white have been the norm colours you will see when walking into any Tinc shop, but they have just released their latest (and in my opinion greatest) colour… Orange. Along with this new addition to their pallet, the fountain pens themselves have received a metallic upgrade. So I was very keen to try out this pen, as it looked fun and fresh.

The pen comes with a medium hard steal nib, that I can get a bit of line variation if I really lean into it. The pen takes standard mini international cartridges and comes in a cool test tube package. While I have the orange one, it also comes in blue, pink, green, black, and white.


What I really like about it:

First of, I like the colour. The orange is this nice deep metallic copper colour. It’s really a nice colour that isn’t too “hi-vis” and won’t blind anybody with an unnecessary loudness. The size of this pen in great. It’s not quiet a mini pen but it’s small, fits in a pocket well as well as fits in my medium sized hands nicely. I also really like the look of the nib. With every Tinc fountain pen they have the nib coloured to match the body, and it looks super sharp.

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 23.23.01

Things I’m not really a fan of:

So this is tough, it’s a great little pen, for a great price, but there are some things that just don’t do it for me.

It’s a plastic pen, and feels it. Some people love that, just not me, plus the pieces on the body don’t line up perfectly. Look I know this sounds nit-picky, and, it is. If this pen was £20 more expensive this would be a no go, but for a inexpensive pen, this shouldn’t really make the list, but it’s something I’ve noticed. Something else is that the nibs only comes in medium. This is totally fine for like 85% of people in the world, but I write pretty tiny and the medium nib is a German sized medium and not a Japanese medium.

The Bottom Line:

If you are looking for a pen as a starter, one that you don’t have to be scared of or afraid will break, this pen is a good choice. I actually think this pen is  great pen for kids or anyone one in school. So if you are in school or are a student (or are the parent or friend of one of those), stroll into Tinc and drop the tiny sum of £13.50 on this pen and remember to pick your favourite colour.

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 23.23.13


This pen was provided at no charge by the amazing folks at Tinc.

What I’m Watching: Dear Mr. Watterson

What im watching Dear Mr. Watterson BATG

If you were born anytime after the Great Depression, you  probably have seen/read/enjoyed Calvin and Hobbes. The adventurous and cheeky nature of Calvin combined with his philosophical (not-to-mention imaginary) tiger Hobbes are seared into the identity of so many who felt drawn to good-hearted, fun, but deep nature of these “funnies”.

C and H God's own image

The documentary Dear Mr. Watterson explores a few major areas, the primary being the way that Bill Watterson expanded the art form, but then followed shortly by the nature of the comic strip industry and Mr. Watterson’s ability to turn down commercialising on his success and his remaining out of the spotlight. If you love Calvin and Hobbes and perhaps your one of the ones that it’s had and impact on, this is a good watch for you. It is currently playing on Netflix, if you have an account, check it out. It is also available to  buy off iTunes. 


Check out the movies official site here.

What’s your Wallpaper: Summer 2014

BATG What's your wallpaper banner

Often I get asked about wallpaper and backgrounds. It’s no secret i like to change mine up and have something fresh. Often I like my Macbook to match my iPhone. I mean, it’s not always exact match, sometimes it’s a thematic match (superheroes, ninjas, lumberjacks… ect.) Sometimes it’s 2 images from the same set, and sometimes it’s the same image.

For the Summer this year, I was feeling geeky (well duh), and wanted some water to remind me holiday is coming soon. So heading to my old faithfuls for wallpapers, I was on Fifty Foot Shadows. Then I found it! It’s is everything I was looking for, i love the classic mac, the calm nature of the water and the crisp depth of field. Take a look  here is the desktop image, it also comes in iPhone and iPad versions, just click the image or follow the link. It’s from a shoot called Object #04, below is a low-res version, so you can see how awesome it is, for the Hi-res desktop image, support Fifty Foot Shadows and download it from any of the links (or Here).

Low-res Object 4 50footShadows BATG

Kickstarter Finds: SketchyNotebook

You know that feeling like you need to have different notebooks for all the different type of designs and work you’re doing? Let me tell you, that is an outdated feeling.

Logo_whiteWhat is the SketchyNotebook? Well it’s a well designed notebook with clean-tear out pages, that has better paper than Moleskin and lays completely flat, that what makes it nice, but that not what makes it brilliant. No, What makes it brilliant is the creation of the template system that turns the blank page into a precision canvas for your design work. Depending on what your working on you can place a template card (that’s made of pvc so it’s waterproof and long-lasting) behind your page and work with all the benefit of a lined, graph, or numerous other marked page, but once you’re done you still have a page that is free of blemish and lets your work shine.


I know it’s a bit late in the game, but if getting the last minute word out get SketchyNotebook to reach it’s last stretch goal that would be a total win. The creator, Tim, has already rolled out bonus after bonus so lets see if we can get this to 2,000 backers. He’s already reached over his target so it’s pretty straight forward pre-order at this point, no  risk! So head over to the Kickstarter page and grab yourself on of these!

SketchyNotebook_A 00

Pictures from the press pack form SketchyNotebook