What I’m Watching: Star Wars, Clone Wars

Ok, so I wasn’t completely sold on this show when it came out back in 2008. Clone Wars is set as a bridge between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Siths, which I barely like to admit to being real films, never the less dwell on them. But when Netflix added all 6 seasons I could no longer just ignore this show, especially after I heard that this show did the unbelievable and tried to make Anakin Skywalker an enjoyable character. I’m only on season 3 but I have to say, they succeed and I much prefer the prequel world in the this show than the ones seen in the movies, the characters are more believable and more complex… and it’s a cartoon. I don’t know if that says more about the epic fail of the acting in the 3 prequels or of the awesomeness of the show.It’s not without fault, some members of the cast are just lame (Zero the Hutt, ugh). Overall, the war time style of the show really makes you feel like this war was more than a  cheap subplot to add more green screen time. Favourite Character: Commander Cody. Knowing what is coming in the soon future with Order 66 makes the building of relationship between the good commander and Obi-wan echo with betrayal. If you do watch this  series you will notice that it’s kinda out of sequence, I mean there are a few episodes that have characters that have died in them… it’s weird. Star Wars Blog has released the chronological sequencing of the series. Check out The Clone Wars for tons of good watching, or stay up for 44 hours straight and watch it all!

Star Wars Clone Wars


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Regrets, I’ve had a few…

A few years ago my family and I went on a big adventure and moved across the world. Not anywhere that doesn’t have electricity or anything, but to London, England. In this move there where so many unknowns that I made the tough choice of selling my comics instead of them taking up space in our new flat or trying to ship them overseas in the first place. Having worked in a Comic Shop  for few years I knew I was not going to get full price for my boxes… but it’s something I had to just get over. After I sold them I was ok, and even though I made a sturdy loss, the concept of not having to ship these boxes of paper and ink across the pond gave me some comfort. But now about three years past the sale, the parting of my comic collection is the one thing that continues to stir in me. I mean when we moved we sold almost everything. We moved with 20 boxes, and those were made up of Cloths, kids toys, a computer, and family treasures (you know,those things that make your home, home). So I lost a lot of items that my wife and I had accrued but didn’t need. Things that were awesome, but replaceable (espresso machines, televisions, poker tables, camping equipment,  ect.). For some reason though there is a pit in my stomach when I think about the hours of  joy reading a comic’s story arc was, or the time spent organising and cataloging all the books I had, and noting the ones I still needed to find in the slightly dusty boxes of a local comic shop. This is where I started to realise that while geekdoms can grow and change there are just some things that speak to us in deep ways that don’t make sense. I can’t tell you if it was the deep sense of justice found in the superhero world, or the simplicity of having mostly just villains and heroes and almost everyone is one or the other, I don’t know. What I do know is there is something in me that still longs for the collecting, caring for, and enjoying these stories. The thought of starting from scratch though… that is tough. So while I don’t regret nearly anything about my family’s move to the UK… letting go of the hobby of Comic Books… that I do regret. I don’t know if you have ever had to laid down something you where once passionate about, I’m sorry if you have, but I get it, even if those around you might not. The bright side is there is always new things, events and ideas to be passionate about, maybe today will bring the next great geekdom into your life.

A home-built comic shelf i built back in the early days

A home-built comic shelf i built back in the early days

A display stand of some of my fave comics items back in the day

A display stand of some of my fave comics items back in the day


What I’m Watching: Adventure Time

Fun. Random. Disturbing. Hilarious. Random. Adventure Time is loosely about a boy named Finn who is a “hero” and his shapeshifting dog, Jake. They are in a fantastic world filled with princess to save and  weird fantastical creatures. The draw to this shoe is the awkward comedy and the indy music vibe. Each episode is only 11 minutes long so they fit nicely into binge watching (not that do that… don’t judge me). Favourite Character: Marceline the Vampire Princess, I dig the fact that so far I have no idea how to get a read on her. Her first appearance was in the episode “Evicted!” and was awesome. Season 2 was just added to Netflix, so you should be able to watch till your hearts content…. which will totally happen.

Adventure Time

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New Topic: What I’m Watching

I love finding out from others what they find cool and what they are enjoying. Part of that conversation of late seems to involve the simple question, “what are you watching”? We are in a time that the way we are entertained  and view entertainment is completely shifting. Case and point, my kids have no idea what it means to have missed their favourite show and hope for a re-run. Increasingly as well, I am personally forgetting what it is like to have to wait a week to catch the next episode, in fact I don’t even need to press next anymore on Netflix, it just auto-plays in. So there will be a new weekly post simply about the show, movie, or podcast (sure I might just be listening but that’s cool too) that I’m enjoying. Stay tuned…

BATG What I'm Watching

Removing Messenger from Facebook will mean I see less of your Facebook stuff

Facebook Old app

Facebook has recently announced that it is removing it’s messenger programming from the mainstream Facebook app. While Facebook does have a specific app for messaging currently you have always been able to go into the one main app and check your messages then check out your “timeline”. With this new change if you want to message people and you want to follow up with whats going on in your friends lives you will need to house 2 apps on your phone. This is a silly choice for so many different reasons, but you can read the rants ( how space is a premium on iPhones and to make you have 2 apps where one app will do is stupid) some other place, there are tons. Here I want to mention this fact, I will likely not see much of what you post on Facebook anymore.

It’s not that I don’t love you, it’s that will inevitability lose focus. I use Facebook for work and a bit for personal use, it’s not my favourite but I’m not a hater (I think the “it’s cool to hate Facebook” thing is getting old (sorry if that’s you)). But the majority of time I spend on Facebook is using it as a modern means of communication, then since I’m already in the app because of the message I got, I then check my feed. I don’t ever seem to just pic up y phone and think “I really hope someone else is doing something interesting” or ” I hope someone posted a fun image with words on it and is calling it a meme” (sorry separate rant). I mostly use Facebook because I’m already using Facebook… if that makes sense. So if I have 2 apps, one for the Messaging and one for the rest of the stuff  that you and I have posted, than my already low frequency of Status Updating is going to dip along with the traffic I would  normally pump to your Timeline.

I have a funny feeling that I am not the only one like this. Also, the people who would have been prone to using 2 apps already where, Facebook Messenger first came out in August of 2011. I feel that like me the geeks who have better things to spend there phone’s real-estate on, the ones that have avoided Messenger already, will not take kindly to having to have 2 and at some point we will lose our attention span and primarily use the functional one, not the social one so much. There is a chance this is what Facebook wants… but that seems unlikely. See Facebook, Removing messenger from Facebook will mean I see less of my friends Facebook stuff.