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Lately there have been very few gadgets that have gotten my preverbal “motor” running. The iPad Mini does what it says on the tin, and the iPhone 5 was the natural progression, awesomeness… but no wow. So I was in a geek slump, the geek doldrums if you will, that is until I realised that I am such a big geek that my zeal for all things cool and spiff is not bound to the outlet on the wall. No sir, I am even a geek about … stationary. I must admit that I might have been a stationary geek my whole life. I remember wanting to be a teacher when I was young, not because I could teach people… no, no, no. It was because the teachers got the cool pens, flip charts, clipboards and all the paper they could ever use! While my taste in suplies have changed over the years, my zeal for the finer tools in the creative  writing and drawing process have only deepened. This recent re-emerging of this passion was do to two separate but temporally simultaneous events. I was out of Sharpie Pens and my Rhodia notebook was just about full. Fun filled fact… Sharpie is not a popular here in the UK as it is in the States, so finding my Sharpie pens lead to a lot of dead ends. But in the search for those bleed free pens of amazement, I stumbled across the solution to my second dilema. Rhodia is an amazing company that makes the highest quality paper products. They have a classic black and orange look to them and they take ink beautifully. They are also pretty darn tooten expense in the states and a bit hard to get… because they are made in France. You know where is really close to France though? Oh you guessed it… the UK. So having found this new fount from where orange goodness flows, I decided to go all out. I got a bunch of Rhodia notebooks, different shapes sizes and uses and a Lamy fountain pen that has become my new go to gadget. I have loved writing down and keeping track of thoughts and ideas… it has been a good season to get things out of my head. My handwriting has even improved. So expect to see some new creative ideas about being a geek, and who knows some of them might not even involve electronics. Over here the Brits take their stationary seriously… might as well join in. Oh and yes I did eventually get the Sharpie pens… from Staples… go figure.

Check out some links if you are interested in being a stationary Geek.



Bureau Direct (where I get my Rhodia)

Rhodia Drive (Blog about Rhodia)

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